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The right approach to High Torque/ Low Speed Operation
with optional Irrigation Unit

Osada Model PEDO-30W

Oral Surgery and Podiatry Applications


Portable All-in-One PEDO-30W

  • Power Console (Floor Unit)
  • Variable Speed (800 - 30,000 rpm)
  • Standard Podiatric Handpiece: SH-29 S / LVS / MCS8 on HHR Rubber Handpiece Assembly
SH29S LVS Micromotor MCS8
"S" Nose Guard with Silicone Disc on test bar SH 29S 2:7:1 Reduction Speed Handpiece LVS Micromotor with affixed Motor Casing MCS8 8-ft. Straight Motorcord

Low Speed / High Torque: Perfect for Bone Surgery

  • SH-29 S 2.7:1 Reduction Speed Handpiece Assembly consisting of:
  • SH-29 S / LVS / MCS8
  • Output Speed Range: 550-11,000 rpm
HHR Rubber Handpiece Holder (not autoclavable) HHR oil

Can of Spray Oil for Handpiece with reusable nozzle cap (oil refill only also available)


Optional Parts All Osada Saw Handpieces are interchangeable with SH Series Handpieces
SH28LVSA Micromotor
SH-28 (1:1 Speed) Steam-autoclavable Handpiece with "S" Nose Guard and Silicone Disc on test bar
LVSA Micromotor with AMC Autoclavable Motor Casing (AMC is removable from the Micromotor and is team-autoclavable