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High Torque / Low Speed Electric Systems

Drill Handpieces for Surgical Applications

Steam Autoclavable


Steam Autoclavable SH-Series Straight Handpieces
The SH-Series are designed for surgical applications.  Handpieces consist of two major components: main body of the handpiece and removable nose guard; coded with the Handpiece Name followed by the Nose Guard initials (e.g.: SH-26SP).  When straight burs are used, a nose guard must be used (with a silicone disc inside of the “S” and “SP”).
SH series hand pieces
  1. NOSE GUARD S: Short with a notch: to be used with a standard 45mm long dental bur.  Longer burs with small heads and straight shanks may be used,
  2. NOSE GUARD SP:  Short with irrigation pipe
  3. NOSE GUARD L: Long to be used with surgical burs longer than 65mm, with shank lengths of 60mm (with embedded bearing)
  4. NOSE GUARD LP:  Long with irrigation pipe
  5. SH-26: 1:1 Twist-Ring Chucking Straight Handpiece

6. SH-27: 1:1 20˚ Angled Twist-Ring Handpiece
7. SH-28: 1:1 Lever Chucking Handpiece; when Nose Guard and the test bar are removed, accepts standard dental attachments, such as contra and prophy angles.
8. SH-29: 2.7:1 Reduction Speed with lever chucking for slower speed/higher torque
9. SH-31: 1:2 Double Speed Angled Twist-Ring Handpiece
10. LHP11: Heavy duty non-autoclavable Lab Handpiece
11. SH-41 SP: 1:2 Double Speed Straight Handpiece

CS-Series Contra Handpieces
CS series Contra handpiecesCH drill pieces
  1. CH07: 1:1 Latch Type Contra Head
  2. CH08: 1:1 Friction Grip for 1.6mm dia. turbine burs with bur remover
  3. CH11B: Same as CH07 with Irrigation Pipe
  4. CH21B: Same as CH08  with irrigation pipe
  5. *CH31GR: 2:1 Reduction Speed Prophy Head (*made by KAVO)
  6. *CH62G: 10:1 Reduction Speed
  7. *CH67C:  now CH67IC 2:1 Reduction Speed with internal and external irrigation pipes
  8. *CH67I:  now CH67IC
  9. * Irrigation Pipe: for CH67I or 67IC (*made by KAVO)

10. CS10: 1:2 Double Speed Contra Shank
11. CS132: 1:1 Contra Shank
12. CS031: 2.7:1 Reduction Speed Contra Shank
13. CS032: 7.4:1 Reduction Speed Contra Shank

Documents for Enac apicoectomy tips

Handpiece Maintenance (pdf)