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How Endex Plus works

The Endex Plus operates on the principle that impedance measurements between electrodes differ depending on frequencies used, and differ greatly at apical constriction regions.

Using an initial reading (Reset) at the middle of each cancal (about 2 to 3 mm from the root canal orifice) as a reference, the Endex Plus evaluates by monitoring the changes in impedances at 5 KHz and 1 KHz, as the file probe approaches the apex. The critical apical region is magnified and shown n the panel meter and by audio alarm.

Endex Plus Features

The Manual Reset method (as the method of the Endex) is the most accurate method capable of measuring even difficult cases (such as a widely open or perforated tooth). Endex Plus can give a quick Automatic Reset as soon as the switch is turned on.

What does Endex Plus Show?

The Red line on the needle meter indicates the Anatomical Apex, and the Green zone starts approximately the apical constriction. The meter magnifies the apical region of about 3 mm from the Apex when the reset line is defined with auto or manual reset method.

How Endex Plus worksHow Endex Plus Works

Basic Procedure utilizing the auto reset and manual reset modes

Basic Procedure for Endex Plus - auto and manual reset modes1. Prepare the Canal - add a few drops of good conducting fluid such as saline or sodium hypochlorite into the canal. Excess fluid should be reduced to isolate the canal.

2. Place Lip Clip - (attached to the red end of the main cord) onto the corner of the patient's lip. Connect the File-End Probe Cord with a hand file to the black end of the main cord.

3. Place a Probe File - into the middle of the canal (2 - 3 mm) and maintain this file position in the canal for Step 4.

Choose Auto or Manual Reset for Step 4:

Turn the Mode Switch DOWN to Auto Reset Mode - Depress the Main Switch to turn the power on while you hold the file in the canal. BLUE LAMP lights when the Automatic Reset is completed. The needle will swing a little and settle at or near the Reset Line.

tip! If Reset Action in Auto Mode is hesitant, try moving the file a little, up and down, or twist. If you are still unable to get Reset in Auto Mode, move to the Manual Mode.

Turn the Mode Switch UP to Manual Reset Mode - with the Main Switch on. Push the Reset Button located above the Mode Switch. GREEN LAMP lights when the Manual Reset is completed.

When the Reset is completed with either the Blue Auto Light or the Green Manual Light, you are ready to read the measurement at the Apical Region.

5. Slowly advance the Probe File - toward the Apex, touching the canal wall or fluid. At first the needle moves very little until the probe reaches about 3 mm from the Apex.

6. At the beginning of the Green Zone, the intermittent alarm begins, indicating it has reached the apical constriction area (about 0.7 mm from the Anatomical Apex).

7. When the Anatomical Apex is reached (Red Line), the sustained alarm sounds.

The reset memory remains for the canal being measured until the Main Switch is turned off. If an Auto Reset is taken inadvertently (or in an undesirable position), turn off the main switch and turn in back on when the file is properly placed in the canal.

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